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Church loses UDRP over Jesus domains – receives RDNH judgement


The Domain of Jesus, a non-denominational church in Alabama, decided that playing nice wasn’t going to cut it, so they took their case to the WIPO.

If only things were that simple; they lost the case, with the single member panel explaining why their act was despicable.

“This has to be one of the most outrageous cases of reverse domain name hijacking!” exclaimed Yiorgo Paul Voudouris, WIPO panelist.

“When someone files a UDRP, they should do their homework first, g*d damn it!” he added.

The church went after JesusDomains.net – a domain owned by Jesus Jorge Delamarre of New Mexico. It was clear, from the get-go, that the case would be hard to prove.

“I’m not particularly religious but at least I uphold the law” says Yiorgo Paul Voudouris.

“We have a church worshipping Jesus, and we have a registrant named Jesus. I don’t know how you will twist it, but I’ll take a live person more seriously than an entity allegedly dying for our sins 2000 years ago!” added Voudouris.

Jesus Delamarre registered the domain in 2008, intending to sell domain names over the Internet. He did not even have to respond in this case, and it was decided in his favor; a finding of reverse domain name hijacking was added as a “bonus”.

“Let this be a fair warning to any organization, club, social group or church: WIPO panelists are here to do their job and they won’t be swayed by displays of power or authority!” exclaimed Yiorgo Paul Voudouris. “One more of these and I will state y’all should go to hell!” he added, visibly dejected.

The church of the Domain of Jesus could not be reached for a statement; it is expected that they will now attempt to buy the domain from Jesus.

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3 Responses to “Church loses UDRP over Jesus domains – receives RDNH judgement”
  1. Picas says:

    is there any fat lamb of Jesus pay some grants for the name …no need to make a file ..

  2. The .com is parked, and the .net is available now…

  3. DomainGang says:

    Joseph – It was a parody story 😀 Thanks for the update.

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