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Dmitry Volkov : Prolific #domainer lists 7k-strong #domain portfolio on #DNForum

Dmitry Volkov is selling his domains.

Dmitry Volkov, a prolific domain investor from Russia, is liquidating a large portion of his portfolio.

The ginormous domain list of more than 7,000 domains is being offered for sale on DNForum.com.

User “Castion” who is co-owner of DNForum, is brokering the sale of this massive domain list.

“This portfolio is owned by a client of mine. He needs to liquidate it ASAP. So lets see if we cant get the ball rolling for him. 

Price expectations are “reasonable” and the entire domain list is made available as an Excel spreadsheet. The list consists of mostly LLL and LLLL domains in a variety of TLDs.

To peruse the domain list of domains offered for sale by Dmitry Volkov, click here.

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