#Domain bidders upset by newly revealed #NameJet fact!

Domain auction platform, NameJet, has been around for more than a decade, auctioning off domain names.

Warehoused domain inventory and expired domains are equally promoted, along with domains of select domain investors.

Despite the success that NameJet has seen through the years, a recently revealed fact has upset many of its fans.

In a statement last week, NameJet VP of Auctions, John Smith, shared news that the NameJet jet plane does not really exist.

NameJet – the jet does not really exist.

“We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about the jetliner plastered with our NameJet logo, and I have to admit that it’s just a bad Photoshop job,” said John Smith.

“We paid fair market price to acquire the domain NameJet.com and had no more funds left for a marketing campaign that’d involve buying a real plane, so we had to use a stock photo and paid someone on Fiver to add the logo. Sorry to disappoint you!” exclaimed John Smith.

Hundreds, if not tens of thousands of NameJet fans are now left wondering what will happen next.

“NameJet has been successful, all thanks to being the platform of choice for Frank Schilling – he buys a lot of .net domains, they can afford a real jet surely!” said Sage M., regular bidder on NameJet, using the alias “sagemofo.”

The company is considering several options, but with the price of a new Gulfstream G650 being around $60 million dollars, NameJet will probably have to settle for a used plane for their domain fleet.

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