#NameSys : Convicted killer’s #domain name was auctioned off at #NameJet

There are killer domains, and then there are killers’ domains. NameSys.com belongs to the second category, and the domain was recently auctioned off at NameJet.

According to DNJournal, the domain sold for $2,400 dollars.

So what is the background story about NameSys.com and its former owner?

NameSys.com – Photo by Ari Spada on Unsplash

Registered in 2000, the domain NameSys.com was the company name of Hans Reiser, a programming prodigy and entrepreneur, who dropped out of high school, eventually graduating from Berkeley university.

Reiser and his company Namesys developed the journaled computer file systems ReiserFS and Reiser4. ReiserFS has been available in the Linux operating system since version 2.4.1 and has at times been the default filesystem on several Linux distributions.

All went well until late 2006, when Hans Reiser was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife, Nina Sharanova Reiser.

Her body’s burial ground was revealed by Hans Reiser, in exchange for lesser charges; the subsequent trial led to Reiser’s sentencing in 2008 to 15 years to life, for second degree murder.

It’s remarkable that Register.com warehoused the domain NameSys.com in expired mode since 2012. Shortly before its auction in late April of this year, NameSys.com had its WHOIS record restored to that of Hans Reiser. The domain was auctioned off as “expired.”

Who actually sold the domain at NameJet and pocketed the money? Only the domain auction platform knows.

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