#Domain numbers : Is dot .INC the only honest new #gTLD?

The controversy behind dot .INC, a new gTLD aimed at corporations with a hefty budget, started early on.

The .INC Registry’s press release referred to the act of domain investing as “cybersquatting,” casting pre-owned domains in an undesired light.

This negative start in an industry that is small, and yet powers everything on the Internet, was shocking to witness. We asked dot .INC to change the course of its marketing approach, and to eliminate such negative references.

It’s been quiet since, but we noticed one thing by perusing current and past numbers of dot .INC registrations.

It seems that dot .INC is the only honest new gTLD, by not inflating its domain registration numbers with controversial giveaways. As the modus operandi of dot .INC is the high price of .INC domains, such a promotion or discount to gain traction would compromise it instantly.

In other words, every domain registration of .INC domains should be considered an honest acknowledgement by the registrant that they really want to spend $2,000 dollars on the domain!

The registration curve of .INC domains is very linear, as seen in the 30 day chart below, proving that the numbers are honest:

Dot .INC registrations in the last 30 days.

A year ago, dot .INC was re-allocated to new owners, and had yet to indicate its pricing model and associated marketing approach.

Still want to spend two grand every year on an .INC domain, believing it’s the best alternative to a pre-owned one in other extensions?

Be our guest.

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