Dot .INC Registry promotes #domains as an antidote to #cybersquatting!

Dot .INC domains

Dot .INC domains are now available, for companies and individuals that want to try a new gTLD.

The dot .INC Registry shared the news in a press release yesterday, titled “.inc Launches as the Domain Ending that Means Business.”

The press release contains the typical enthusiastic lingo that Registries use to introduce their gTLD to the world. What is startling, however, is the reference to dot .INC as an antidote to cybersquatting!

Goodbye “Cybersquatting”

Until now, domain scarcity forced businesses to compromise on web addresses or pay up to millions of dollars to private sellers for pre-owned domains. To prevent cybersquatting, .inc is available for a premium price accessible to businesses, rather than speculators. This allows businesses to save time and money by getting the .inc domain they want, when they want it – the goal being to avoid private sellers and pre-owned domains entirely.

This approach will not sit well with the core of the domain investing industry – the domain investors, aka domainers.

Cybersquatting is not equivalent to the speculative registration of domains, and is only related to trademark infringement registrations, and other intentional registrations of upcoming brands, or personal names.

Late last year, Verisign referred to domain investors as “domain scalpers” and created an uproar among the domain investing community.

The dot .INC Registry needs to re-evaluate its marketing material as soon as possible!

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