#Domain speculation : Fifty grand now, or $200k in #crypto later?

Most established domain name investors trade their digital assets for hard cash; some, like Drew Rosener, involve cryptocurrency in the mix.

When it comes down to speculative valuation of alt-coins, however, anything goes.

With Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin reigning supreme, other players in the game such as Ripple (XRP) attempt to become household names and standards.

Would you trade a valuable domain for investment advice and an early access to an alt-coin ICO?

Mike Berkens took the cash instead, trading the domain Trade.Show for $50,000 dollars. The buyer, Dutch photographer and alt-coin investor, Roberto Bourgonjen, initially offered $5,000 and apparently, early access to the Ripple ICO.

In a Tweet, Mr. Bourgonjen stated that had Mike Berkens taken his advice and lesser Fiat money, he would have made almost $200k in today’s Ripple valuation:

I am the buyer, and I paid $50k for talk.show . If you had accepted my $5k offer on May 4, 2017, and had invested that in $XRP, as I suggested to you, you would have made $197k today. Thanks, I will make good use of the domain and the funds.

Mike Berkens won’t be swayed by such “hindsight 20/20” statements, and he responded thus:

Congrats on the purchase I had $5K to buy $XRP in May; I bought some around $1 a couple of weeks ago sold it at $3.20 over the weekend; Rather have the $50K for the domain today than $5K & some advice on how to invest it in May; l have $BTC; $ETH; $OMG & $XVG @.04 now .17

Fiat or alt-coins in exchange for domain names? That’s entirely up to you. 😀

Congratulations to the buyer and seller of Talk.Show, and our best wishes for success in all that they do.

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One Response to “#Domain speculation : Fifty grand now, or $200k in #crypto later?”
  1. Steve says:

    Ltc or btc preferred for sure.

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