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Domaining: Now illegal in Florida without a license

It was bound to happen: Florida has banned all domain trading without a license, affecting thousands of domainers headquartered in the “hanging chad” state.


Governor Rick Scott signed the legislation into law this morning in Gainsville, FL.

“With the Domain Nexus law, Florida’s securing billions of dollars for schools, law enforcement and road infrastructure, something that Lotto could not achieve,” said the Governor.

“Floridian domainers are a core part of the local economy and they must contribute equally to the growth of our great state of Florida,” added the Governor, smiling.

The Domain Nexus law aims at collecting license fees from domain professionals, of $150 per year plus taxes. Consider this a business expense, to be added along with your corporate filings and CPA costs.

“Governor Scott has been anti-business all along, and when I become the governor again, I will ensure this Nexus law gets changed,” said Charlie Crist, former Florida governor.

The 2014 Florida gubernatorial elections will take place on November 4, 2014, to elect the Governor of Florida. Incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott is running for re-election to a second term in office.

It is not yet clear whether the Domain Nexus law will be collected along with the filing of federal taxes, or by Florida government workers going door to door to ensure people trading domain names pay up.

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