Donald Trump : Sore loser in the battle of domains at Estibot!

When one compares the leading candidates for the presidential election this November, there is no doubt it’ll be a close battle.

Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump? That’s like Darth Vader battling his very clone. 🙂

But enough with hardcore politics, let’s move onto domains.

It seems that Estibot, the automatic domain evaluation service, is pro-Democrat.

A quick check at the valuation of and unveils some shocking results.

While Hillary achieves a healthy $111,000 dollars for her .com, The Donald is clearly the sore loser of this domain battle, with a valuation of just $1,200 dollars!

But even Hillary Clinton can’t hold a candle to superstar singer Beyonce; her .com is valued at a cool $5.8 million bucks, according to Estibot.

How much is worth?

How much is worth?

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2 Responses to “Donald Trump : Sore loser in the battle of domains at Estibot!”
  1. Hire Domains says:

    My butler says he will probably buy Estibot and close it down

  2. Magic Mike says:

    DT has the Trump card over Hillary Clinton…

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