Donuts Digital: New brand for manager of 10,000 new gTLDs

Donuts Inc., managers of more than ten thousand new gTLDs, has engaged in domain rebranding.

Formerly known as Donuts Domains, the company is now moving to new, exciting pastures as “Donuts Digital.”

Donuts Digital

Charlie Donut, founder and CEO of Donuts Digital, announced the new brand earlier today:

“At Donuts Inc. and Afilias, Inc. we have a crispy new look after major rebranding efforts that took a long weekend, uniting them under a new company name and single brand.

Donuts Digital™ was chosen to reflect better the commitment to delicious donuts and domains, in the new Web 3.o realm that includes crypto, NFTs, and other digital assets. A new corporate name, logo, visual identity are introduced, keeping our affinity to quality donuts and quality domain brands.”

Donuts Digital is naturally operating from the matching new gTLD domain name Donuts.Digital – no .com necessary.

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