Dot #Monster anomaly : Current #domain registrations spiked by promos?

When gauging the natural growth of a new gTLD, we have to take into account two parameters: the virality of the TLD, and its rate of growth over time.

We took a look at dot .Monster, a recently introduced new gTLD.

Between the March launch and June, the rate of growth for .Monster appears to be very linear. In other words, the charted angle of growth is very acute. This indicates natural growth: people register .Monster domains as word of mouth spreads after the launch.

Since early July, however, we have noticed three instances of obtuse growth, indicating that domain registrations spiked by promotional campaigns. These campaigns may include mass advertising or sales at a steep discount. Regular price for dot .Monster domains is $13.88 at Uniregistry.

In particular, perusing data from ntldstats, we see the following sharp changes in dot .Monster registrations:

  • July 4, 2019 : Registrations went from 2,171 the previous day, to 3,383. That’s a delta of 1,212 or a daily growth of 55.83%.
  • July 7, 2019 : Registrations increased from 3,408 the previous day, to 5,619. That’s a delta of 2,211 or a daily growth of 64.88%.
  • July 17, 2019 : Registrations went from 6,354 the previous day, to 9,366. That’s a delta of 3,012 or a daily growth of 47.4%.

In comparison, the daily growth for the March – June period was less than 0.5%.

Conclusion: our analysis indicates that these 3 instances of domain registration growth cannot be considered organic, and in our opinion it’s the result of promotional campaigns.

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