Drew Rosener gets quoted on Entrepreneur.com

Domain investor and Media Options founder, Drew Rosener, was quoted in an article on Entrepreneur.com.


The article examines a company’s options, when their primary domain of choice is already registered.

According to the Entrepreneur.com article, these options include:

  • Lease the domain “for a few hundred” instead of buying it outright.
  • Come up with a different name, even appending a state abbreviation or using a hyphen.
  • Go with a different TLD, such as .net or .org

At that point, Drew Rosener is quoted:

This massive expansion of available TLDs will force search engines to pay attention to the Internet beyond the dot.coms, said Andrew Rosener, CEO of MediaOptions.com, a boutique domain brokerage service. He expects businesses will embrace new TLDs once they grasp the benefits for branding. 

“People increasingly are navigating the internet using search engines, mobile apps and social networks, rather than typing URLs directly into their web browsers,” he explains. “The new TLDs are more palatable for the average web user, a fact first-movers in their respective niches can definitely exploit.”

Somehow, the article scrapes the surface of domain branding and oversimplifies the process of acquiring brandable domain names in the domain aftermarket.

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