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Escrow.com in the Top 100 Coolest Australian companies!

G’day mates.

Several hundred companies entered a competition in Australia, to determine the Top 100 Coolest ones.

Anthill Magazine selected the Top 100 and those companies with a “Finalist” designation will compete at the final rankings next week.


Australian companies were ranked in categories for their achievements, such as innovation, or start-up qualities.

Among those Top 100 Coolest companies in Australia is escrow services provider, Escrow.com, which received a honorary mention in the “x-factor” category.

What is the “x-factor” category anyhow?

  • The company has demonstrated a special or unique characteristic that in some way gives it a competitive advantage.
  • The company has demonstrated the commercial success of its special or unique characteristic or has demonstrated a high probability of its imminent commercial success.
  • The company has demonstrated its ability to stand out from all of the rest – to be the “only one” at something or “one of a few but the best”.
  • The company has an undefinable “something” in the eyes of the judge that is worth ranking highly under this criterion.

Honorary mentions are not category-winners, but they are still “truly remarkable” as far as the judges are concerned.

Congratulations to Escrow.com for this accolade, time to slip some shrimp on the barbie, mates! 😀


Note: Escrow.com is a premium sponsor of DomainGang, and we often share news and information about their services, which we also use.

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2 Responses to “Escrow.com in the Top 100 Coolest Australian companies!”
  1. Cool?? Escrow.com??
    Thinking about writing a blog post entitled “The rise and Fall of Escrow.com”.
    I think many domainers are unsatisfied with their level of service these days.
    I know I am.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Rick – Nice to see you back!

    What transpired with Escrow.com, in your personal experience? Your honest review would help them improve whatever it is that needs to be improved. Don’t underestimate the benefits of “tough love.” 😀

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