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Escrow.com resetting passwords of accounts as a precaution

Escrow.com is apparently mass-resetting the account passwords of its customers, as a way to protect them from the recent Epik data breach.

In an email received by several Escrow.com customers today, the following information is shared:

Your password has been reset.

Dear [redacted]

Due to the recent security breach at domain registrar Epik, we are taking the precaution to reset your password.

What has been done?

To ensure the integrity of your Escrow.com account we have triggered a password reset of your account to ensure that your account is not compromised by the data leak.

Go to Escrow.com [redacted link]
Your security is our top priority as the world’s largest online escrow service. Please follow the reset password process sent to you from Escrow.com or go directly to Escrow.com and follow the steps outlined on our website.


Escrow.com Security Team

It’s a smart move by Escrow.com as many domain name investors might be using the same, or similar, passwords across different services. That’s a huge no-no!

The Epik data leak is an unfolding event with ongoing repercussions.

Note: Escrow.com is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.

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2 Responses to “Escrow.com resetting passwords of accounts as a precaution”
  1. Andrew Allemann says:

    Interesting…do you have an email that might have been caught up in the Epik data breach? In my case it says it’s just suggested:

    What can be done?

    To ensure the integrity of your Escrow.com account in maintained, we suggest you reset your Escrow.com password and ensure it is not shared with any other online accounts.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Andrew – Didn’t personally receive either one of these emails. Apparently one version suggests a user reset while other users received another version that does so.

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