#ETH #crypto : Is the #domain name #Ethereum .com under new brokerage?


With Ethereum, the cryptocurrency, surpassing $1,000 dollars in recent trading, anything is possible in 2018.

Domain investors eager to capitalize on the popularity of cryptodomains, need to pay attention to existing trademarks.

In our extensive coverage, domains that contain coins, tokens and brands of blockchain technology companies, can result in UDRP filings.

Predating the current trademark for ETHEREUM, is the matching .com domain,

Originally registered by an unsuspected entrepreneur who wanted a domain that sounded cool, but then let it expire, the domain has been offered with a $10 million dollar BIN price.

Currently, that’s “only” 10,000 ETH, and we speculated that should the value of Ethereum reach $1,000 dollars, then the price would most likely rise.

In an interesting twist, the domain’s nameservers (DNS) have been recently changed to and – these are DNS settings for a domain platform that provides extensive statistics, founded by Richard Lau.

Meanwhile, the contact form at is now pointed to CognitoForms, a provider of DIY contact form solutions. It’s interesting to note that the form contains the following message, with a small typo:

“We get lots of frivilous inquiries. Please tell us about your interest in this domain.”

We can imagine a lot of lowball offers arriving at, and with an active offer of $7.2 million dollars, they will probably continue receiving lots of inquiries.

Kudos: Dale.

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