FINAL Ultimate Official list of domains that apparently and most likely sold at DomainFest

Blaming the “Internet portal operator” for publishing a list of domains as “SOLD” during the auction, a visibly dejected Monte Cahn announced the final list of domains sold during DomainFest New York.

Monte Cahn looking rather upset and disappointed.

Apparently, the list contains only one domain,

“It’s true, we tried hard to sell our inventory of jewels that had been estimated in the 7-figures a piece”, said Monte after the auction ended.

“I thought we’d sell at least or or – and out of sheer excitement I kept telling to myself – “sold! sold!” – unfortunately my Internet portal guy heard me saying that and marked the domains as sold. I’m very sorry about that”, added Monte, while sipping a triple martini at the afterhours party.

It’s not uncommon for newbies at auctions to mistake an auctioneer’s antics and yapping as actual notifications of either a bid or a sale; in all actuality, the auctioneer is bidding against themselves in an effort to raise awareness and excitement about the lot being auctioned.

Unlike the DomainFest auction, the auction of a few weeks ago went particularly well, perhaps because auctioneer Vanessa Thanos did an outstanding job.

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