– Keeping Frank Schilling happy – The ultimate domain for July 4th celebrations.

It’s no secret that Frank Schilling owns category killer domain names and monetizes them under his very own content management system.

That’s exactly the formula that has provided revenue for many uber-domainers: generic domains that are used for exactly the purpose found in the dictionary.

Next, you might want to consider Rick Schwartz and his famous sale; it became one of the largest domain sales ever, simply because the Domain King’s point of view on valuable generic domains is firm.

Rick Schwartz has no tolerance for low quality, “pigeon droppings”.

Back to Frank Schilling’s much awaited return to the domain blogging community.

Known for rarely selling domains and instead preferring to monetize them, Frank is a big fan of both dictionary dot com domains and also two-word compounds. It’s a strategy that many subscribe to and it’s quite effective when combined with a real world business model.

Since it’s July 4th, many of you celebrate Independence Day – it’s a day of jubilation, BBQs, and fireworks. is the ultimate July 4th domain name. It’s the “wet dream” of any domainer that wishes to own a positive-sounding, product-related, business-generating category killer domain.

The search engine volume of such domains can be outstanding, and if Frank Schilling owned it would probably be one of his very best domains.

Fortunately for its owners, is a full-scale business called Phantom Fireworks that has realized the benefits of using a generic domain related to their main product: fireworks. For the 4th of July festivities they are one of the top destinations on the Internet.

Happy July 4th with plenty of fireworks!

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3 Responses to “ – Keeping Frank Schilling happy”
  1. David says:

    After reding this serious sounding post it looks like Domaingang is possibly becoming more mainstream instead of only satire content.

    BTW, on a personal note, anyone know how to contact Frank Schilling’s programmer (the one who programmed Frank’s interesting advertising networkj, which service Frank mysteriously stopped offering a few months ago)?

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    David – If you think this is a ‘serious’ post then you missed its point 😀 There is plenty of satire in everything we post, even if it’s subtle enough to keep people wondering. Happy July 4th!

  3. BullS says:

    Serious??? Nothing is serious in any websites .

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