#FoDaddy .com : Nice traffic for #GoDaddy typo #domain sold at #DropCatch

The domain FoDaddy.com was auctioned off at DropCatch, ending at $939 dollars.

This obvious GoDaddy.com typo definitely commands some very healthy typo-traffic; in this case, “fat-finger” traffic.

What is fat-finger traffic?


The letters F and G are adjacent on the keyboard, making the domain FoDaddy.com a very common error when attempting to type in the domain name GoDaddy.com.

And you don’t really have to have fat fingers, just being clumsy with your typing can end up in punching in the wrong letter. 😀

The real question is, how do you monetize this type of traffic without triggering the ire of GoDaddy?

Most likely with zero click redirects, that take the URL to another location without a keyword-rich PPC lander that might infringe on the GoDaddy products and services.

It is unknown if the auction winner of FoDaddy.com has paid yet, as the WHOIS information has not been updated since the auction ended.

FoDaddy.com was originally registered in 2002, by GoDaddy themselves. Somehow, it changed hands without dropping in 2013.

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