Fourth time’s a charm : How much did #DNForum sell for?

George Verdugo announced the sale of DNForum yesterday, just a year after its acquisition along with Kevin Faler.

The oldest domain forum was sold along with its database of 17+ years, consisting of 1.8 million posts and more than 500,000 members.

This is the 4th time that has been sold over the years, after its initial creator sold it in 2003.

This time around, the details of the sales agreement along with the price were made private via an NDA, according to George Verdugo.

We can most definitely speculate on the sales price, based on historical prices and valuation models.

DNForum contains historical threads and transaction information going back to the very early days of domain investing. While no longer the most popular forum destination, DNForum has been a domain-related brand since 2001. From what we know, the new owners operate a large traffic monetization company, and they are thus capable and willing to invest in and sustain the DNF brand.

With all this in mind, it’d be fun to take a poll on how much DNForum might have been sold to the new owners this time.

How much did DNForum sell for in 2018?

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