Freedom of Choice: Donuts, Inc. rolls out end-user marketing campaign

It’s game on for Donuts, Inc.

After raising almost $100 million dollars in funding in the past 12 months, Donuts is rolling out its first large advertising campaign, aimed at end users.


Branded as “Freedom of Choice“, the campaign is targeting the numerous options that consumers have with gTLDs, about 200 of which are offered by Donuts as the domain Registry.

The Donuts campaign, created by MediaStorm and Walton Isaacson ad agencies, is expected to run video and banner ads for 60 days on Yahoo!, MSN, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fast Company, Forbes, and other online publications; search, podcasts, radio, and broadcast television ads will follow.

Here’s the first exclusive video from the new marketing campaign by Donuts, below.

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