From #NamePros to #NameJet : is being auctioned

It’s rare to see two letter .com domains go in auction, and is one of these rare gems.

Two letter .com domains are being snapped by the Chinese, often without consideration to the “quality” of the letters involved.

Simply put, China’s capital for LL .com domains is almost unlimited, and many two letter .com domains end up in China, after private sales or brokered deals occur.

In the case of, the domain was originally offered up for sale at NamePros last year, by its owner, Vicki Kennedy.

Despite some initial qualms about who was selling, NamePros staff verified its ownership; the domain is now up for sale at NameJet, with bids reaching $400,000 dollars without meeting the reserve price. According to NameJet, the reserve for is between $500,001 and $600,000 dollars.

Some two letter .com domains can sell for seven figures, despite the market hitting a slump in late 2018. The auction ends in 4 days. at NameJet

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