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GoDaddy #domain brokerage: “Our buyers aren’t made of money!”

The GoDaddy brokerage contact form doesn’t allow for large numbers to be entered.

The form that is filled out by the domain owner when they want to place a counter-offer, not only doesn’t allow “large numbers” to be entered – it tells the seller that the GoDaddy buyers aren’t made of money.

This incredible email was spotted by domain investor, Joshua Schoen, while attempting to place a counter-offer of $500,000 dollars. The buyer’s offer of $5,000 dollars was most likely a lowball offer, as Josh owns a bunch of premium domains, many of which are worth six figures a piece.

Naturally, there has to be a logical explanation about why GoDaddy wants to limit the asking price of domain names as processed via the GoDaddy brokerage exchange.

We can only speculate that GoDaddy brokers don’t want to get into a heated debate about the domain’s valuation – instead, they are ok when the seller uses “reason” to price down the domain to a range that is closer to the offer being made.

This logic is clearly ridiculous, as is the solution that such counter-offers can be processed manually, instead of via the form.

Ironically, GoDaddy owns the domain name MadeOfMoney.com at its NameFind inventory.

View the full exchange on Twitter.

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One Response to “GoDaddy #domain brokerage: “Our buyers aren’t made of money!””
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    YES! yes there is an answer. godaddy sucks but they suck less than most companies in the domain business so they still do good.

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