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GoDaddy user claims CDTG.com was stolen



A GoDaddy user venting off at the support forum of GoDaddy.com, made a bold claim that CDTG.com was stolen from him, “many years ago.”

User “Web_Investigator” was responding to a thread about domains that apparently expired, with the following statement:

My, my, my.   Another domain stolen?   Who do so many people forget.  Stealing domain names must be big business for GoDaddy.    My domain name CDTG.com was stolen many years ago.  The FTC caught the theft of thousands of 4 CHAR domain names and here how it worked.  My domain name was nearing expiration date.

Whenever I called or emailed to pay for additional 10 years the employee would not allow me to pay until he had a copy of my drivers license. No matter how many clear images of my drivers license I emailed (24 in all) I would get the same response. “I can see it”  or “I can read it”  etc.  The day it expired it was snatched!!!  GoDaddy are you listening? 

You still owe me CDTG.COM…its been now locked for 15 years.

A quick check at the domain CDTG.com shows that it’s in the possession of a Chinese Registrant; it’s a “Chinese premium letters” domain, after all! 😀

As it hasn’t dropped and still retains its original registration date of 2000, we can assume that it was auctioned off via GoDaddy Auctions, after its expiration in March 2006.

It’s unfortunate when that happens, however, it’s important to differentiate between “domain theft” and re-allocation of a domain that was not renewed, as in this case.

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