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Got any #domain hacks? You’re in luck, #Sedo is having an auction soon

Sponsored by Sedo.*

If you own any domain hacks, domains that form a word or phrase by combining both sides of the dot, you’re in luck.

Sedo is having a Domain Hacks auction, that will most likely attract a lot of eyeballs!

So what are the details of this Sedo auction to submit your own domains to?

First, you have to create a Sedo account, and add those domains to it. Second, you should log into your Sedo account, click on “My Domains,” select your domains, click on “Promote Domains” and choose the Domain Hacks Auction.

Sedo recommends setting a low reserve price to attract a maximum number of bidders. Of course, you can set your reserve to a million dollars, if your domain is worthy! 😀

Here’s the deadline schedule for submitting domains to the Domain Hacks auction by Sedo:

  • Entry deadline: April 19th, 2018.
  • Auction begins on April 26th.
  • Auction ends on May 3rd.

What are the criteria for submitting these domain hacks to the Sedo auction? Here’s what Sedo says:

The domain name must suggest a word or phrase by combining Keyword and TLD. It has to have objective commercial value or needs to be widely known. Once you submit your domains, our brokerage team reviews these against our criteria. It is up to the discretion of our domain brokers whether your domain is accepted for the Domain Hacks Auction (Domains under review cannot be put up for sale for about 3 – 5 business days).

Sounds great. So what are the fees? Again, Sedo states the following:

A commission of 15% of the highest bid is charged for a successful auction sale.

Head over to the Sedo Domain Hacks auction page, to submit your domains.

*Note: Sedo is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.com.

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3 Responses to “Got any #domain hacks? You’re in luck, #Sedo is having an auction soon”
  1. Talkiah007 says:

    I submitted one hack domain name to Sedo auction; and I noticed this domain was removed from for sale sedo platform. Is this mean my domain got accepted?

  2. Data Glasses says:

    I would suggest it has been accepted if no longer for sale, you should get an email soon.

  3. Domain Hack says:

    This was a fun auction to participate in. I was able to sell poodl.es, my first domain hack purchase, but not my last! I hope they do another, because I’ve got a portfolio of domain hacks ready to submit. *shameless self promotion* checkout domainhack.in for some short, memorable domain hacks I have for sale.

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