Greek Prime Minister saved by Sedo is not owned by the Greek prime minister, George Papandreou.

With the global media being focused on Greece – as if it were the reason for the financial mess created by Manhattan bankers – the name of Greek prime minister George Papandreou is in focus.

Some background information:

George Papandreou was born in the US to Greek father Andreas – a career politician – and Illinois-born Margaret Chant. In October 2009 the Greek socialist party of PASOK was elected and George Papandreou became prime minister.

Despite being touted as technology and Internet aware, George Papandreou was not proactive with the registration of his name in dot com.

His official personal web site can be found at – a bold statement, since the last name of Papandreou is not uncommon in Greece.

Meanwhile, a Greek person has registered and apparently parked it at Sedo at some point. After Barack Obama became president, Sedo decided to remove the names of politicians from its marketplace, including variants of Obama’s name and that of others’.

The domain is now ‘banned’ from the Sedo marketplace, however this does not appear to be fair: the full name “George Papandreou” is also common in Greece, as hundreds of Greek men have the unfortunate luck of sharing it on Facebook and in real life with the Greek prime minister. 😀

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