#GuardDuty : Amazon AWS service #domain in the hands of a #domainer?


Amazon rolled out GuardDuty, an AWS service, a few days ago.

As with every new product launch, it’s important to secure key domain names that would be useful when promoting a service to the general public, and to protect one’s brand.

In the case of GuardDuty, Amazon appeared to have been negligent, or tardy.

The domain GuardDuty.com was available for sale at Sedo, and someone moved in fast after Amazon announced GuardDuty for AWS.

We’ve been following the transaction, and the domain GuardDuty.com is now at Uniregistry, a domain registrar popular with domain investors.

While GuardDuty.com doesn’t resolve, the fact that it was moved to Uniregistry and not to Amazon’s registrar, indicates that the domain was acquired by an opportunistic domainer.

Will they try to sell it to Amazon.com directly?

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