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#Amazon Music HD : New audio service launched without the matching #domain name

Amazon made a big announcement yesterday, unveiling Amazon Music HD to complement its current product range. The high definition audio service comes in two flavors, one at 16bit/44.1 kHz quality called “HD” and a second at 24-bit/ 192 kHz quality called “Ultra HD.” Both streams claim exceptional audio quality and millions of songs to choose […]

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#GuardDuty : Amazon AWS service #domain in the hands of a #domainer?

Amazon rolled out GuardDuty, an AWS service, a few days ago. As with every new product launch, it’s important to secure key domain names that would be useful when promoting a service to the general public, and to protect one’s brand. In the case of GuardDuty, Amazon appeared to have been negligent, or tardy. The […]

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WorkMail: Amazon new service arrives without first securing the dot .com

Amazon announced WorkMail today, a hosted email service for corporations that aims at competing against Microsoft Office 365. Presented as Amazon WorkMail, the service is a secure, managed email and calendaring solution that would also compete against similar Google offerings. Naturally, Amazon secured AmazonWorkMail.com – a domain registered yesterday, according to DomainTools. Unlike Microsoft that […]

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