Domain theft special: What the hell is going on at Ename?

There are 22 provinces in China and Guangdong is one of them.

The Chinese domain market is exploding.

The Chinese domain registrar,, also provides a domain name marketplace for the ever expanding Chinese market.

All this growth comes at a price, as Ename is quickly becoming the domain venue of choice for thieves laundering stolen domain names.

Despite being an ICANN accredited registrar, is resisting pressure from legitimate transfer requests for domains proven to be stolen; the recent case of is just the tip of the iceberg.

The situation affects the status of legitimate domain investors from China, that might be involved in the purchase of seemingly clean domains that are in fact laundered.

Tomorrow, we will reveal details about another domain name that was stolen at GoDaddy, transferred to Ename and was resold three more times during the past six months.

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