Holy cow! Frank Schilling avoids yet another trademark trap!

Frank Schilling: take him to the Greekfest!

We told you that 2011 will be the year of uber-domainer, Frank Schilling – one of the three pillars of domaining (the other two being Rick Schwartz and Dr. Kevin Ham a.k.a “The Man Who Owns the Internet“.)

Frank started the new year with a smart move, as he avoided yet another trademark trap.

We had brought up the fact in the past that Frank goes after domains with trademarks on occasion, sometimes displaying a cunning bravado.

This time around, Frank Schilling bid just enough money on Namejet to be bidder #2, thus losing the battle over the trademarked domain Greekfest.com

This is a WIPO in the making for whoever won the domain; unless it’s the trademark holders that operate since 2000 from TheGreekfest.com

Can you say, opa?

It’s amazing how Frank’s bidding insight matches his insatiable appetite for food-related domains, something that can only produce shock and awe among domainers.

Happy new year, Frank! 😀

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