ICANN: New Zealanders want to get patriotic gTLD .kiwi

An ICANN dot .kiwi application for all New Zealanders!

New Zealanders are known affectionately as “kiwis” – what with the kiwi bird being the endemic, protected species living on the remote cluster of islands that form New Zealand.

A group of patriotic entrepreneurs from New Zealand have announced their intention to apply for the .kiwi gTLD, taking advantage of the ICANN opening of such gTLD applications.

The oddity is that the applicants are expatriates residing in Canada!

Dengate Thrush, the Wellington lawyer who is handling the proposal, expected “.kiwi” addresses would retail for about $25 a year.

Dot Kiwi was unlikely to exclude anyone from registering addresses, which would be for “anyone who wanted to claim an allegiance of some sort to New Zealand“.

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