ICM Registry doubles the ‘X’s to all registrations made today!

ICM Registry – the folks behind .XXX domains and creative adult commercials –  don’t want to rest on their laurels too long.

Having already applied for .sex, .adult and .porn, the ICM Registry offers a domain registration special, good for the day.

“Several of our more demanding customers thought that .XXX was not enough, or did not sound adult enough for their business,” said the ICM Registry CEO, Stuart Lawley.

“So today, we will give you a matching .XXXXXX for every .XXX domain that you register!” exclaimed Lawley, looking square into the DomainGang camera.

Lawley, an experienced Chairman and Chief Executive, who has developed and successfully managed a number of UK and US businesses in office technology and the Internet knows what’s good for you – and doubling the number of X’s is surely a brilliant move.

Buy.xxx offers some great opportunities to grab the .XXX domain of your naughty dreams – or you can jump to XXX.XXX where it all happens!

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One Response to “ICM Registry doubles the ‘X’s to all registrations made today!”
  1. jayjay says:

    Having already applied for .sex, .adult and .porn…

    why not corner the competition and apply for .pimp .bbw .hore .milf and all the others?? These keywords seem to be missing from their arse ‘n’al ..lol 😀

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