In case you missed it : Schilling, Schwartz and Mann on domain names

In recent months, the three pillars of domaining have been using Twitter more actively, as their preferred medium of communication.

Sharing their piece of mind, Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz and Mike Mann all use Twitter for the same reason: domain names.

Twitter summarizes such tweets from one’s followed list, and in a funny twist all three major league domain investors appeared on our feed, one after the other, as seen below:

We thought it’d be fun to analyze their statements, so here we go:

Frank Schilling: I’ve seen many domain investors make more money selling new gtld names than most .com-only domainers make in a year. Fortune favors the bold.

What Frank probably meant: Every day I look into my Cayman office mirror, I thank God for making me both smart and handsome. I took a chance with gTLDs and it’s fucking awesome!

Rick Schwartz: Tho I believe in domains, there r sectors 2 make as much or much more money much faster RIGHT NOW. Identify, LISTEN, READ LEARN, then ACT!

What Rick probably meant: I’m getting kinda tired with all this damn “com vs gTLD” bickering. I’ve too many great adult domains to sell, and for a retired man it’s becoming a pain in the ass. How about focusing on FISHING, DRONES, WOMEN, WINE and VACATION right now?

Mike Mann: If we have all we need but not all we want to satisfy, perhaps we should want less.

What Mike probably meant: I bought a domain for $14 in 2011 and sold it for $145,000 last week. Still, that won’t pay my renewal fees for all the domains I own! Perhaps I should drink more $0.10 green tea.

We love you guys! 😀

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