Ironic: expires right before scandal! expired but Rep. Anthony Weiner's career still holds strong!

It’s the summer and we all let loose; some more than others, apparently.

But the truth remains: Domaining is a boring ‘sport’ with very little chances for entertainment.

Unlike – say politics.

The news of Rep. Anthony Weiner and his decision to take pictures of his …weiner and post them in twitter DM’s shows that some politicians never get enough powertrips.

At least, Rick Schwartz closed his blog comments the other day.

So media has dubbed the scandal ‘Weinergate‘ which brings us to the next realization: is registered but currently expired, days before the Anthony Weiner scandal broke out!

What are the odds, really? The same thing happened with as well.

Several new ‘Weiner Gate’ registrations, some with active web sites include the following, courtesy of

It’s funny seeing how many variations one needs to compensate for the lack of the .com – which is owned by Nameking, according to Domaintools. 😀

Have a great and weiner-free Friday!

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