Jordan Ozuna: Justin Bieber’s new squeeze suffers .com squatting

Jordan Ozuna is definitely 'stacked'.

Jordan Ozuna is definitely ‘stacked’.

Justin Bieber is just 19 and already the most sought-after young celebrity in the music business.

The Canadian teenager likes to hang out with his buddies and smoke weed on occasion, and while women are of secondary importance he’s definitely a chick magnet.

According to celebrity publications, The Jieber’s latest conquest is 22 year old Jordan Ozuna, a beautiful model with remarkable “assets”.


Originally from Hawaii and a former waitress for Hooters, Jordan Ozuna has been modeling for various agencies, including Model MayhemChef Patrick’s favorite source of domain news co-presenters.

Unfortunately for Jordan Ozuna, someone registered her domain name today, as DomainTools reports that is registered, parked and for sale at GoDaddy. The domain squatter is hiding behind GoDaddy’s anonymous WHOIS.

Justin Bieber does not own his .com either, so these two make a perfect match! 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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