Jordan Ozuna: Justin Bieber’s new squeeze suffers .com squatting

Justin Bieber is just 19 and already the most sought-after young celebrity in the music business. The Canadian teenager likes to hang out with his buddies and smoke weed on occasion, and while women are of secondary importance he’s definitely a chick magnet. According to celebrity publications, The Jieber’s latest conquest is 22 year old […]

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Harlem Shake at TRAFFIC 2013 a must event to attend

After securing Justin Bieber as the keynote speaker, Rick Schwartz is rolling out yet another unique attraction for the upcoming TRAFFIC 2013 in Las Vegas; a place that most domainers associate with Elvis clones, drunk fornication and eventual failed weddings at the Little White Chapel. The number one domainer conference will feature the catchy and […]

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Be a Belieber! TRAFFIC 2013 ups the ante over Webfest!

Tonight’s breaking news about Kim Kardashian being the ‘keynote speaker’ for Webfest, raised the political thermometer of the domain conference sphere. Kim Kardashian’s 17+ million twitter followers were allegedly deemed to be the secret weapon for the success of Webfest – on top of Kim’s famously ample derriere. Rick Schwartz took the news in stride, […]

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Justin Bieber will not apply for .Bieber

In a move that disappointed billions of fans – most of them girls aged between 8 and 10 – Canadian pop idol, Justin Bieber, failed to secure an ICANN gTLD application at this time. “Yeah, it’s true, I am not interested in getting .Bieber, my parents always told me that candy from strangers is tainted […]

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Earlier today, actor Charlie Sheen accidentally tweeted his phone number to all 5.5 million followers – effectively, the entire world. Apparently, the tweet was meant to be a direct message to singer Justin Bieber. Charlie’s number, 310-954-7277 blew up from several thousand calls and text messages. Not surprisingly, someone went ahead and registered and […]

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Can’t squat on Justin Bieber? No problem!

If you can’t squat on Justin Bieber’s name via the registration of domains bearing his name, there are other venues to explore. That’s what a cybersquatter thought when he registered – the domain has WHOIS protection on. Who is Mariah Yeater? According to RadarOnline, she’s a 20 year old California woman who claims that […]

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