Microsoft acquired HoloLens dot com for its new product using a middleman!

Along with the announcement that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 & 8, Microsoft revealed HoloLens, a device that superimposes holograms on top of real images.

The Microsoft HoloLens appears to have been kept an inside secret name, until the very last minute., a domain registered in 2001, was parked at Sedo for several years by its previous owner.

As late as January 14th, the domain remained in the hands of Domain Dakini, all while being listed for sale on Sedo with a buy it now (BIN) price of $6,750.


Microsoft HoloLens. was acquired for $6,750.


Apparently, Microsoft did not buy it directly, but used the services of Marksmen as a “buyer in the middle“. Marksmen acquired the domain on January 16th, according to DomainTools.

The domain is now officially in the hands of Microsoft Corporation, and it serves as a portal that showcases the Microsoft HoloLens product.

By listing the domain with a BIN, the original owner most likely lost tens thousands of dollars in revenue, as Marksmen acquired it on behalf of Microsoft using the BIN price.

In an interesting twist, Holo-Lens is a registered trademark, for “Recyclable holographic and non-holographic paperboard having a metallic coating.” The owner of the mark is not Microsoft.

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9 Responses to “Microsoft acquired HoloLens dot com for its new product using a middleman!”
  1. Jamie Zoch says:

    So the real question remains… if the BIN was not in place and the owner played hard ball… $150K, $125K etc and Microsoft wasn’t willing to go that high.. do they delay the launch without owning the exact match domain? Change the name because they do not own the exact match? If they change the name… the domain owner is likely out the $6,750?

    I know there isn’t really a “right answer” but it’s interesting considering and would be cool to know what Microsoft would have done.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Jamie – Great question. Knowing that you poke into corporate acquisitions of domains, perhaps you could dig a little more in any similar recent registrations of “holo” domains by MSFT.

    In my opinion, if the seller had asked for $150k she would have received it. She asked for $6,750 and got that much – minus the Sedo fee. πŸ˜‰

  3. Jamie Zoch says:

    I will take a peak tomorrow and fill you in. I haven’t seen much though via Microsoft. I was going to report that lately, Microsoft has been letting more domains expire, than they have been registering/buying.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Thanks. It’s very interesting, that the WHOIS was updated today, not a single day earlier. Maybe they know you’re digging for DNS changes? πŸ˜€

  5. Rod.Tv says:

    I have adholo/com …. advertising with holograms

    Hello….. Microsoft are you there?

  6. Giles says:

    I have is this niche

    Bought it a few years back waiting for the “holo” boom

  7. Jamie Zoch says:

    I was going to add the domains here but due to your character limitations, I could only post a small list… so I included them in my domain movers list today. They mainly played on

    Holo Lens
    Microsoft Holographic
    Windows Holo
    Ms Holographic

    And a potential “buy” one they put attention on is “Studio”. They do not own but they registered most of the other TLD’s of the matching. .com is for sale for $10K.

  8. Tony says:

    Very nice to see these products becoming a reality. So many visionary inventors like Elon Musk have been working on building these systems for years. But they’ve never been practical till now. I haven’t used Windows 3.1, but it looks like this may change soon.

    Shamelessly, I just threw the generic emd for these systems up on Flippa this afternoon:

  9. Name Options says:

    Pricing domains at BIN price is certainly a gamble. It is a constant battle between moving your inventory and waiting for the right buyer so as not to leave any money on the table. If the domain indeed contains a trademark and the owner of the mark decides to fight it then the seller comes out on top having moved it before the legal issues begin. That could have been a factor in the BIN price. Otherwise it was a bargain for the likes of MSFT. Great report BTW.

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