Microsoft WiFi : Finally, they secured the .com domain!


Microsoft is gearing up for a global Windows 10 launch at the end of July; the much anticipated operating system is expected to be free for millions of qualified computers worldwide that currently run on legitimate copies of Windows 8.x or Windows 7.

Today, a leak of another service, Microsoft WiFi, was made available temporarily on the web site

The service will be bringing “hassle-free Wi-Fi to millions,” according to Microsoft.

The app-based service is expected to cover all popular platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Currently, the web site is displaying an under construction message.

So finally, Microsoft did the right thing and secured the dot .com of its matching service, without having to fork out a few thousand dollars, as in the case of

According to DomainTools, was registered on 5/19/2014, but it wasn’t for the first time.

The domain was first registered in 2005, dropped and was re-registered in 2008, dropped again and was re-registered in 2012 before New Ventures Services, a subsidiary of, held it ‘hostage’ for a year in 2013.

For more info, visit and hope there is an update.

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