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Mike Mann domain brands : Applying for .Mann was an important decision

Mike Mann

Mike Mann

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, has been busy at the end of the summer.

Setting aside for a while his favorite instruments, drums and bongos, the domainer percussionist unveiled his latest passion.

“Any Mann can emulate my success with .com domains, and many have tried to mimic or even clone my secret sauce,” said Mike Mann.

“But it would take cloning me, Mike Mann, in order to achieve that!” exclaimed Mike, winking.

The enterprising New Englander points to a screen containing his ICANN application for dot .Mann, a gTLD he says is guaranteed to bring fortune and fame to anyone using it.

“By now everyone knows my position on new gTLDs, they make the value of .com go higher,” said Mike Mann, adding: “The only thing of value other than .com would be domains ending in .Mann, and that’s what I’ll be marketing next.”

Expanding his entire portfolio of more than 250,000 domains into meaningful, .Mann domains will be a seamless process.

Dot .Mann domains will arrive later this month, to compete with silly new gTLDs such as .Games and .Blog and .Web.

“These other fancy shmancy extensions, stand no chance against the .Mann, they will be clobbered!” exclaimed Mike Mann.

If you want to be successful as a domain investor, do yourselves a favor and wait for the dot .Mann launch. It will be a landslide.

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