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Moniker hack aftermath: GoDaddy returns stolen domains to their owner

Yet another domain stolen from a GoDaddy account.

GoDaddy retrieved several stolen domains.

Several valuable numeric dot .com domains and an LLL .com have been returned to their legitimate owner, at GoDaddy.

Following a report that asked for the non-disclosure of the domains involved, we verified that the theft of domains at GoDaddy has been reversed.

The theft was linked to the recently exposed Moniker breach, from the owner’s account that shared the same email and potentially similar credentials as his Moniker account.

A valuable three letter .com domain that was stolen from the same owner’s Moniker account, was transferred to Register.com and it has not been reclaimed yet.

In general, it is easier for a registrar to reverse such thefts, when the stolen domains remain within the same registrar. When domains are transferred out, however, things become extremely complex.

Moniker has returned the domain Busy.com to Future Media Architects as it had been pushed to another Moniker account; those domains moved away to other registrars are still being challenged.

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One Response to “Moniker hack aftermath: GoDaddy returns stolen domains to their owner”
  1. Ms Domainer says:

    Anyone who does business with Register.com, Network Solutions, and Web.com is asking for trouble. (I realize that the rightful owner had no part in the transfer to Register.com — I’m speaking generally).

    They are rude and treat customers with contempt. The stolen domain may eventually end up at its vulture sales site, New Ventures Services Corp (NewVcorp dot com)

    The chances of the rightful owner getting the domain back are slim to none — that is, unless the owner is willing to go to…

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