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Moniker’s BBB rating: Will the perfect “A” change if domainers complain?

Moniker's BBB accreditation status as it is now.

Moniker’s BBB accreditation status as it is now.

The woes of Moniker are the result of a continuing failure to address customer issues effectively, along with a disastrous upgrade of its registrar backend system.

One of the oldest domain registrars, Moniker changed hands in recent years; despite the goodwill of its officers, the problems run deep.

Thousands of domain names remain in limbo or in a state that prohibits their timely update or transfer out. There have been numerous issues with the billing system as well.

For many domainers, the proverbial straw has broken the camel’s back, and they are not willing to wait it out any further.

Like many licensed businesses, Moniker is BBB accredited.

On a scale of A+ to F, Moniker’s current BBB rating is “A”, with 35 complaints closed in the last 3 years. Just 9 complaints were closed in the last 12 months, to the customer’s satisfaction.

Consumer reports at the BBB are eponymous and are addressed by the company, Moniker, with BBB being the facilitator of each report. It’s rather concerning that the recent incidents might trigger several complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

You can access the Moniker profile with the BBB here.

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2 Responses to “Moniker’s BBB rating: Will the perfect “A” change if domainers complain?”
  1. James says:

    I think posting your experience on their facebook page will prove to be more effective:

  2. Mike says:

    We are still waiting for dozens of domain names to be renewed.

    We’ve paid for each renewal invoice and submitted support requests for each name several times. Nothing is renewed, the domain names are in redemption and we have gotten nothing back. This has been going on for weeks.

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