#Mugshots .com scandal updates : Sahar Sarid pulls #SaharSarid .com content

Domain investor, Sahar Sarid, has removed all content that existed on

Prior to his recent arrest, the South Florida resident uploaded a statement, distancing himself from the scandal; that content, along with Sarid’s bio, have now been removed.

Sahar Sarid posted bail and was released from the Pompano Beach correctional facility he was kept in. As bail had been set to $1.86 million dollars, we’re estimating the posted surety bond at 10% of that amount.

Meanwhile, has apparently stopped updating its web site content, and automated tweets are also turned off. The latest updates are from two days ago, although is still operational.

We have no information on the other three individuals involved in the California extradition notice that triggered their arrest.

Sahar Sarid – Older web site capture from

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2 Responses to “#Mugshots .com scandal updates : Sahar Sarid pulls #SaharSarid .com content”
  1. I’m sure his attorney advised him to do so. Another thing missing from are all of the ads that were on the right column for services that would take your mugshot off.

  2. Fat Chance says:

    Sahar doesn’t see himself as the scumbag he is. Keesee’s mugshot is actually on To me that is respectable, as he is owning the industry that he runs. Sahar isn’t man enough to face the facts of the unscrupulous nature of the business he is involved in, and doesn’t see himself as just like the people whose faces he publishes.

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