#NanoSleeve .com : From reg fee, to mega sale via #Afternic #domain brokerage

Krista Renee Gable – DomainDomme.com

Domain entrepreneur, Krista Gable, spends time daily researching new trends in technology.

The Domain Domme founder is immersed into cybernetics, teledildonics, and haptic technologies, along with crypto and blockchain; then she locates the best keywords for each niche, and registers the matching domain names.

Krista’s latest public sale involves the domain name NanoSleeve.com, and she shared details about its sale with us:

I hand registered the domain, NanoSleeve.com, at the end of 2018.

I was researching the future of nanotechnology in medicine at the time, and the name jumped out at me. I just knew I had to get it!

The domain has had steady, type-in traffic since I acquired it.

In December, I got a call from a senior domain broker at Afternic, who made an introductory offer of $2,500. I declined the first offer, but I countered back with $3,000 dollars and the client accepted.

Afternic was representing the middle man of the actual client, who wanted the domain so it took a little extra time to close.

I’m happy with the sale, considering I only paid $8.47 a year ago. I also own the plural domain, NanoSleeves.com, which I believe will be an ideal domain for the future of smart clothing.

Many savvy domain investors are following current trends, such as Rick Schwartz who registered several “dildonics domains.

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