#NFT domains for sale on Afternic


You don’t have to understand or appreciate NFT (non-fungible tokens) in order to invest in it.

How so, you might say.

Simple: invest in NFT domains, like others have been doing. We received word from Uniregistry that NFT related inquiries and even sales have been phenomenal this year, so far.

Because there’s no official data, we decided to take a look-see at the quality and prices of NFT domains listed on various marketplaces.

One cannot search the Uni Market, so here’s what we found on Afternic:

nftxchg.com not priced
nftwx.com not priced
nfttheft.com not priced
nftcg.com $2,000,000
nftallstar.com $175,000
nftfraternity.com $125,000
nftt.com $95,000
nftdodo.com $90,000
nftbtc.com $50,000
nftadmin.com $49,999
nftmodules.com $49,999
nftcosmetics.com $14,750
nftrm.com $13,888
nfttaxation.com $12,750
nftbuz.com $10,000
nftbn.com $4,888
nftgs.com $4,888
nftfilter.com $2,995
nftfomo.com $1,288
nftbookends.com $750

In TLDs other than .com, here are some NFT domains we found:

nft.solutions not priced
nft.email not priced
nft.international not priced
nft.co $300,000
nft.blog $75,000
nft.mobi $25,000
nftworld.world $100

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as Afternic limits searches to 20 domains with no pagination currently.

Is Afternic 2.0 ready yet? 😀

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