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NotMyPresident.com : The political domain that went from anti-Republican to anti-Democrat!


#NotMyPresident is a trending hashtag on social media, by Democrats who oppose Donald Trump’s election.

The domain NotMyPresident.com currently displays an anti-Obama landing page, and it has been doing so since 2008.

Back then, “birthers” promoted the conspiracy that Barack Obama is not a US citizen, or that he is Muslim.

But it gets more interesting.

NotMyPresident.com was originally registered in 2000, as a protest against the election of George W. Bush who beat Al Gore via the Florida “chad” incident.

It was dropped two years later, and was re-registered in 2002, finally expiring in 2007.

During those five years, it displayed anti-Bush tshirts for sale bearing the message “Not My President”.

Funny how times change! 😀


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