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Numeric madness : NNNNNNNNNN .com domains all the rage among expert investors

The Chinese are consuming numeric domains like Shanghai noodles; after going after LL .com, LLL .com, LLLL .com and LLLLL .com domains, the next jump is not as obvious.

According to various domain industry analysts and numeric domain experts, the next big thing is NNNNNNNNNN.com domains.

“Sales of 10 digit .com domains skyrocketed when China switched to obligatory 10 digit phone numbers last month,” says part time domainer and pony horse trainer, Robert Dufus Jr.

“I predict that all the good NNNNNNNNNN.com domains will be taken in the coming months, so now it’s the time to invest in numeric domains that match corporate phone numbers, or those of celebrities. Great resale value and amazing liquidity!” exclaimed Dufus, looking up domains via DomainTools.

With 10 billion combinations, ten digit .com domains offer unlimited potential to domain investors.

NNNNNNNNNN.com domains - 10 digit .com domains are gaining popularity.

NNNNNNNNNN.com domains – 10 digit .com domains are gaining popularity.

By registering your full phone number including the area code, you don’t need to give people both a domain and a phone number, thus saving space on business cards.

“Clearly facing the future right now, and the Chinese investors are showing the way, I would not be surprised if many millionaires from China invest in 10 digit domain names,” added Dufus, looking up Caitlyn Jenner’s phone number as a .com.

Domain investors are cautioned, however, to avoid domains with the number 4 which means “Death” in Chinese; on the other hand, domains packed with 8’s offer the best potential for resale.

Good luck with your 10-digit domain investments!

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5 Responses to “Numeric madness : NNNNNNNNNN .com domains all the rage among expert investors”
  1. Domain Observer says:

    “10 billion combinations” with just 10N.com. Not such a pleasant phrase for new GTLDs.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Domain Observer – Clearly, the future is NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

  3. Domain Observer says:


  4. Colombialicious says:

    ” 8888888888.COM ” is on Godaddy’s auction for US $ 190,000.00 !!!!!

    Thank you Domain Gang ! I’ve already snapped up the phonenumber ( full of 8’s ) from a IMPORTANT CHINESE BANK ! That’s all i need.

  5. Ritesh SIngh says:

    Bought couple of Banks phone number and few 8’s related domain.
    Hopefully will get a nice return in the coming time.

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