Old Domainfest photos mysteriously disappear!

We thought it’d be technically impossible, but it has happened:

Hundreds of photos from previous Domainfest gatherings have now disappeared.

DNJournal chief editor, Ron Jackson stated:

“I woke up this morning to have my coffee at the patio as usual and while perusing my previous posts about Domainfest, I was shocked to find that all of the pictures are gone. Now I don’t understand how this would have happened or why but I don’t believe in unicorns.”

Other blogs reported that their past coverage of Domainfest events now lacks any and all photographic evidence whatsoever. Simply put, there are only descriptions and captions left but the images themselves are missing.

Some faithful domainers might consider this to be a sign from the Domain Lord, a sign from above if you must. Others speculate this might be the latest development in a calculated chain of events, attempting to cover up the image of the persona non grata who recently caused waves by violating employee rules at Moniker.

“I will have to go and see if the backups contain the photos”, said Ron Jackson looking quite serious. “If those copies are gone too then I don’t know what to believe that is happening. From now on I will be mailing off backups to a secure location in Canada, just in case.”

Domainfest Santa Monica opens its gates on February 1st and despite opposite rumors, Elliot Silver will be there.

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