Pay Mike Mann : #Avoro .com sale is 229X the acquisition price!

Domain investor, Mike Mann

Domain investor, Mike Mann, doesn’t care what your intended use is for the domains you buy from him. As long as you “pay the Mann,” you’re all good.

The Domain Market founder and serial entrepreneur often shares his domain sales, achieving spectacular returns on investment.

In a recent announcement, Mike Mann shared the news of yet another domain sale, that of for $14,888 dollars.

According to Mike, he spent just $65 dollars in 2011 to acquire the domain! If you divide 14888 by 65, that’s a massive 229 times the amount of money he spent on’s acquisition. most likely went to the owners of, a Swiss plumbing company.

By achieving such great ROI, Mike Mann is able to sustain a large portfolio of tens of thousands of domains.

Can the average domain investor replicate Mike Mann’s success?

By following Mike’s modus operandi, but without the large scale registrations, a savvy domainer can most likely achieve a handsome ROI for their quality domains.

Mike Mann most certainly leads the way!

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