#PresidentialAlert .com poll : Is the #domain worth a new car, or a mortgage?

An enterprising fella registered the domain PresidentialAlert.com, most likely on some early inside information about the upcoming, annoying feature by FEMA.

More than 225 million devices in the US were sent Donald Trump’s “this is a test” alert, which was not accompanied by a #MAGA hashtag – for now.

To put it plainly: such alerts are reserved for dire situations, such as a declared emergency, war or disaster. Let’s hope these conditions remain in the sphere of remote possibility.

Back to the domain name, PresidentialAlert.com; it’s set up to forward to AmericanSpeechWriter.com, the professional outlet of its registrant. It’s a smart strategy to capture existing type-in traffic, thanks to the news of the event being so fresh.

As expected, the domain’s registrant is hinting of a potential sale, whether the asking price matches the value of a new car, or that of his existing mortgage:

“It just so happens I own the Presidential Alert domain. Anyone want to buy it? I need a new car. PresidentialAlert.com”


“Will @realDonaldTrump or @WhiteHouse make me a happy offer for PresidentialAlert.com ? Pay off my mortgage, please. Don’t risk me putting it up for bid.”

It’s not rare for domain names that gain fame or notoriety thanks to news exposure, to be sold, but one has to strike while the iron is hot.

Remember the “Covfefe” meme craze? The matching dot .com, Covfefe.com, is still up for sale.

So how much could PresidentialAlert.com fetch in a domain auction? Let’s take a poll. πŸ˜€

How much would you pay for PresidentialAlert.com ?

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