RIP : Chinese LLLL .CN #domain slaughterhouse

It’s not only the LLLL .com “Chinese premium” domain market that has crashed, but its .CN counterpart as well.

Even though the LLLL .com market peaked years ago, the Chinese domain traders continued to move money into LLLL .CN, perhaps in an effort to replicate the international success of “Chinese chips” in the .COM TLD.

The .CN market reached its peak in March of 2018, with prices reaching 5998 Yuan, or $885 dollars.

Alas, those glory days are gone.

Just 4 months later, the .CN LLLL market has not only crashed, but completely imploded – to a current price of 390 Yuan, or about $57 dollars.

Price chart from Chaomi, courtesy of Dale G.

The rise and fall of the LLLL .CN domain market.

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