Rod Beckstrom’s new role: Advisor to Greece?

The Greeks will prevail – as long as they hire experienced technocrats like Rod Beckstrom.

Outgoing ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom, gave a strong closing statement at ICANN #44 in Prague; perhaps, his last public speech as head of ICANN.

Looking powerful and strangely handsome, Rob Beckstrom said from the podium that when he joined ICANN, the financial reserves were a mere $57 million.

As he’s about to leave office, ICANN holds onto $444 million dollars in cash reserves.

A few minutes later, Rod Beckstrom was on his cellphone, as the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, had an interesting proposal to make.

According to our sources, Mr. Samaras – who underwent laser operation to his right eye just as he’s taken over office – has just lost his Minister of Finance; Samaras is reportedly offering the position of Advisor to Greece to Rod Beckstrom.

“I cannot confirm nor deny these rumors,” said a smiling Rod Beckstrom. “I love Greece almost as much as its rival Turkey that I visited while being ICANN CEO, and I would love to be of assistance there, if I could. My credentials speak for themselves. Opa!” he added with a smile.

The Greek consulate in Washington refused to comment, citing reasons of an ongoing public holiday in Greece to celebrate St. Kirikos.

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